The world of InvenTree

From giving you a platform to add and view existing trees, empty planting sites, and related issues around you on a map to guiding you through every step of planting and organising drives – our app is the one stop for everything trees. Help us revolutionise the existence of the trees around us.

Creating an inventory of urban forests.

How we empower you.

View Trees Around You

InvenTree is India’s first virtual tree inventory, helping users and organisations get accurate data about the trees in their locality, or elsewhere. This empowers authorities to make sound management decisions, and inspires individuals to plant at the empty sites as they realise the possible lack of trees.

Realise Monetary Benefits

Be it the carbon dioxide sequestered, or the energy saved, each tree brings along numerous benefits. With our app, you can view these benefits in a unique way, expressed as the accurate monetary amount they equate to. Keep adding to help our community realise the thousands of dollars a few trees can save.

Organise and Join Drives

If you’re one of the people who has always been raring to start plantation drives but has been deprived of the correct resources to do so, InvenTree is your answer. Either host drives which others can join on our platform, or learn about and attend drives organised by others through the app’s hassle-free process.

Our Success


Since we launched in April 2020, we’ve already helped create a database of more than 70,000 trees on our map.


Each new initiative to plant fills our hearts with joy. We have already facilitated the organisation of 15 drives.


We our now a community of more than 10,000 users who’re deeply motivated to combat climate change.

A hope to have a tree on every corner.

What our users say

The app provides a much needed tool to create an inventory for trees, not only in Jaipur but around India, and the world. We who work at NGOs dedicated towards trees know the immense value of this data for trees. It helps the people around us and the government to understand the city’s tree canopy and take actions accordingly.

― Vinod Gupta, Founder at EcoPlant

I have always loved planting new trees and helping the environment. While earlier I had to go through tedious work to find appropriate spots, now with InvenTree I can not only locate planting sites, but also get guidelines about what tree to plant and get more people to plant with me through their feature to host drives.

― Rajesh Baid, Environmentalist

Why should you add to our database?

Have you ever wondered whether your locality has enough trees, how your air quality index could be improved, and whether there were specific places around you completely deprived of trees where you should plant? Through adding new trees, empty planting spaces, and tree-related issues, you’re helping us to answer all these and many other questions.

The importance for a census for us humans is evident to us all. Then why is it that there have been no attempts to conduct a census for the lifeline of these humans – trees? By adding trees to our database, you’re essentially aiding in conducting this very census, helping governments to adopt appropriate environmental policies, and helping locals understand the possible lack of trees around them. Contribute and take your step towards making your community more aware, and your environment a better place to live.

About Us

We are Inventree, an app dedicated to revolutionise the existence of trees.

If you are passionate about the environment, this app is the perfect tool for you!


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