An insight into the aims that drive us.

Our Mission

Welcome to the Earth — a planet where it is common knowledge that the worst impacts of climate change would be irreversible by 2030 unless we cut our carbon emissions by half. Surprisingly, this same planet experiences 5.25 billion trees being cut down annually (on an average). We, at InvenTree, recognised this problem and were driven to make change. 

InvenTree is a one-of-a-kind app that attempts to give its users a platform for everything about trees. From looking at the number of trees in your area, to getting a tool to identify the species of any tree around you, to even hosting a plantation drive and getting people to join in, this app powers you with it all. And through all this, we get to our main agenda: an initiative to get people around us to realise the lack of trees around them, plant more, and possibly avoid doomsday in 2030.

With crowdsourcing at its core, we hope to create a unique database of trees, empty planting spaces and tree-related issues. Help us in our journey by contributing more data to assist the the people around you to actually know the status of trees in their city, find a location to plant in our concrete jungles, and even save a tree! And, even if you’re unable to help, enjoy the multiple features the app has to offer: learn about the monetary benefits received from the trees around you, be informed of the current Air Quality Index in your location, get intelligent planting suggestions, and much more!

InvenTree is a constantly growing platform that serves as both a medium of education and an excellent facility to tree lovers. Use it in any way that suits you, but ensure that you’re constantly contributing positively to the environment around us!

“Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”

Warren Buffet

About Us

We are Inventree, an app dedicated to revolutionise the existence of trees.

If you are passionate about the environment, this app is the perfect tool for you!


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