Providing our users with every tool to create and log an array of urban forests.

Locate all existing trees, empty planting sites and issues on a dynamic map, and see whether your area has a poor urban canopy that can be improved

Add existing trees, empty planting sites and issues to the map by inputting simple details, and help in creating a crucial database

See a monetary equivalent of the total benefits brought by trees, such as the energy saved, through our expert calculations

View the nearest empty planting sites to plant your next tree, and learn about issues we solved or upvote unsolved ones

Get smart planting suggestions curated by the leading tree experts of India based on the region you want to plant in

Learn about the Air Quality Index (AQI) in your locality, details about its causes, and understand how to plant to better it

Look at plantation drives organised near you, join the one you find most suitable, be navigated to the location, and get planting

Host your very own drives as a user, setting goals for total trees planted and number of volunteers, and make a difference

Gain exclusive information about the difference you have made as a user, and be awarded special titles based on your commitment